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Invisible Braces

There are so many different ways to straighten teeth today thanks to improved technology and greater competition.  The dental consumer with crooked teeth now has many choices. Lets face it, there aren't too many adults or teens that want a set of metal braces over their teeth for the world to notice. Invisible braces come in many different forms.  The term invisible is used in so many different applications.  For example, orthodontic appliances / aligners from companies like Invisalign and Orthoclear are made of clear plastic and are removable, however it would be more appropriate to say "nearly invisible".  They are a great option for adults and teens that want a solution to straighten their teeth without the traditional wires. 

Here are three options to look at while searching for invisible braces

Invisalign - the world's leading invisible orthodontic product is marketing by Align Technology. There are over 30,000 dentists around the world that offer this incredbile product.

Orthoclear - this company was founded by former Invisalign founder Zia Chisti and other former employees of Align Tech. They have produced an orthodontic product with similar characteristics.

i-Braces - this is a an orthodontic product that is developed by a company called Lingualcare. Ibraces are a proprietary method of teeth straightening developed by Lingualcare and are commonly referred to as "lingual braces" as they are the braces that are behind the front of your teeth.

Many dentists and orthodontists offer invisible braces. To find a dentist in your area use our find dentist page.  Some of these dentists offer invisible braces.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016