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Hilary Duff Veneers - Her New Smile is Amazing
Their has been so much talk about Hilary Duff's new porcelain veneers and how she has the "horse teeth look" That's a ridiculous statement, she looks amazing with her new smile, its bright, white and perfect. They are straight and proportionate. Getting porcelain veneers or your teeth improved is a personal decision and if Hilary Duff gets veneers and wants them bigger, so be it. Its amazing how much time people have on their time to talk about Hilary Duffs teeth. Hilary Duff is an amazing entertainer and her "Hilary Duff Veneers" are equally amazing. Duff has the Stuff, that's for sure. She is an actress, singer, entertainer and great person. She has always maintained a professional image and has been free from controversy often associated with hollywood stars. She is role model for her fans. So why are people so obsessed with talking about Hilary Duff's veneers? What is it about celebrity bashing? She's too skinny, her teeth are too big, her dress is ugly and on and on. Its no wonder so many celebrities go nuts after a while.Imagine you just got your teeth veneered by a celebrity dentist. You walk in to work and an office memorandum gets sent around to everybody in your office. The memo is about your new porcelain veneers and how big they are, next week they talk about how skinny you look on the radio, TV and show a few unflattering photos in your local city magazine. Well this has been happening to Hilary Duff. People can't stop talking about HIlary Duff veneers. Look around the blogs and you'll see all kinds of pages about the big porcelain veneers she has. With all this negative feedback, you would think Hilary Duff would feel the pressure to redo her veneers, but why would Hilary Duff redo her teeth, they look amaziing already. There's lots of other celebrities with veneers that you don't here about but for some reason its seems, we'll never here the end about Hilary Duffs porcelain veneers.
Saturday, May 28, 2016