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Grillz by Nelly

If you thought there was booming growth in cosmetic dentistry with porcelain, there's another growing market for "gangsta grillz" rappers are showing off there bling teeth with every imagineabile precious metal you could imagine. Gold grillz, diamond and platinum bling teeth are just a few of the materials used to create "teeth grills".  The Nelly song Grillz has accelerated the growing demand for these amazing teeth made with all different kinds of Jewellry. 

Removeable gold teeth grillz have been around for many years and have gained big time popularity since the release of the popular hit Grillz by Nelly, featured Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp.   Paul Wall Grillz can be purchased off his Paul's own website.  He's not the only one making teeth grillz, jewellers and entrepreneurs everywhere are cashing in on this latest fad.  You gotta have the bling bling and its now its not the pearly whites that's impressive.  Its the bling teeth and removeable gold teeth grills that are the craze. 

Its amazing how dentistry and products that affect the appearance of your teeth have exploded in so many ways.  Before it just used to be, prevent cavities and have healthy gums now its the physical appearance of teeth that's the focal point. The TV show Extreme Makeover started the boom in cosmetic dentistry and now songs like Nelly Grillz have made all whole new market surrounding fake teeth.  Heck there is even a dentist that started snap-on-teeth and that got all kinds of press creating demand for this custom fit snap on teeth.  The bottom line is your teeth say a lot about your personality and affect first impressions.  Lets face it an executive who's selling to accountants is not going to walk in to his meeting wearing different "Gangsta Grillz"  maybe platinum teeth or some removeable gold teeth might match the cuff links.  NOT

How Much Do People Spend on Their Teeth Grillz?

So if your not a rapper that can afford the bling bling teeth how much do they cost.  Well there's cheap gold teeth caps that can range around the $30-$80 for a single unit and then there's the fully blinged up grillz that can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.  The best way to get your Grill to fit perfectly is to have a dentist professionally take an impression of your teeth and then have the grill made.

Now thanks to Nelly Grillz there is huge demand for the bling teeth, we will review many different Gold teeth makers and jewellers who make custom grillz. So for now if you are interested in platinum, diamond or removeable gold teeth check back frequently for updates.

To listen to Nelly "grillz" you can go to the official Nelly website. 

Peace out, to the hip hoppest area of dentistry. Now we know we're not gangsta rappers but we do know teeth grillz are here to stay for a while.
Friday, May 27, 2016