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Gold Teeth

So you've got the ice, the ride and you're all about the bling bling. So why not get some removeable gold teeth so that you've got a grill that matches your bling lifestyle.  Gold teeth have become increasingly popular in the hip hop culture and everywhere you turn there is some jeweller trying to capitalize on making these popular grillz for their clientele in search of the bling.  Gold teeth caps can be made out of different carats. 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K gold. 

The hit song "Grillz" from "Nelly" also put the bling teeth into the spotlight.  There are many different websites that offer gold teeth as you search the Internet.  The first question that comes to mind.  If these are removeable teeth, how good is the fit and how well will the grill stay on.  That all starts with the impression of your teeth and the quality of the company that make them.

We will be on the hunt for the best gold teeth caps available over the Internet.  For a few Benjamins you can get some fake ones but for the real authentic gold grills you are going to need alot of benjamins to foot the bill.  In the end you will a have a "gold grill to kill, once you foot the bill"

Hip hop jewellry is a booming sector of the jewellry business.  Gold teeth just happens to be more unique and the bling is the thing that go with these popular new fronts. If you are interested in bling teeth there are lots of companies to choose from to make you the envy of your posse. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016