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Amalgam And Mercury Information
150 Years Of Dental Amalgam - An Article
Abstracts on Dental Amalgam Contamination
Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ
Bioprobe, Inc. - FAQ's And Books On Amalgam & Dental Mercury.
Dental Mercury Awareness - Resources
Facts about Mercury In dental Fillings - An Article
Mercury Page - Information on Mercury and Amalgam
The Crusade Against Dental Amalgam - Information about Amalgam Fillings
UK Amalgam Page - Data About Dental Amalgam

Childhood Dental Visits Often Fun
Chinese Dentist Builds Tower of 28,000 Human Teeth
Dental Ethics - Indepth Discussion
Dental Equipment Serilization
The Dentist
How Do You Relax In A Dentist's Chair? Try Electronic Anesthesia - News
How to Take Care of Your Children's Teeth and Save Money
Singing Dentist Also Hears Cash Register Ring - An Article
Special Considerations for Coumadin® and Dental Care
Dentist offers money Ð and grapes Ð in exchange for Halloween candy - An Article
Trip To The Dentist
What Dental Coverage do I have and What Dental Coverage do I Want - An Article
Dental FAQ's    
Dental and Medical Materials
Digital Image FX Project Virtual Reality Applications for Dentistry
Effects of Dental Restorative Materials
Nitrous Oxide FAQ

Dental Phobia & Anxiety 
Dental Anxiety and Phobia - Resources
Dental Phobia - Resources & Information

Questions Answered 
Ask an Oral Surgeon - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Questions Page
Ask Dr. Knapp - Dental Questions Answered

Indexes & Resources 
AllDentists - Resources
America's Finest Dentist's Directory - Index
Catálogo da Odontologia na Internet - Resources, In Spanish
Connecticut State Dental Resources - Resources
DDS-NET - Index
Dental-Connect - Resources
Dental Digest - Resources
Dental Digest On-Line - Index
Dental Disease Prevention and Resources
Dental Information Home Page - Index By Topic
Dental Globe - Information
DentalNet - Index (In Spanish)
Dental Network - Resources
Dental Network - Resources
Dental-Related Internet List of Links
Dental Site - Resources
Dental-X-Change - Index
Dental World - Index of Topics
dZone! - Dentist Zone - Dental Information
Dentinet - General Information
Dentists for Dentists - Information And Resources
Dentistry Fastlink - Resources
DentistWorld - Resources
Hardin Meta Directory - Dentistry - An Index
HealthTouch - Index of Information
Highlander's Dental Sites - Listing of Dental Sites
Imagine The Possibilities - A Resource For The Dental Community Of Ontario, Canada
Infection Control Information and Resources - Resources & Information
Infodent - In Italian
Martin Schittek Dental Sources - Resources
Modern Dental Concepts - Information
Nerd World Media - Dental Index
Odont. Internet Sweden - Resource
Quickfind Dental Resource on the Internet - Resources
RED Dent@l - Resources In Spanish
Resources for Dental Hygienists
Stefano Sartori - Dentistry Resources
Summa Odontoiatrica - Dental Index, In Italian
The Dental Site - An Index
ToothNet - Index Of Resources
VTRade2000 - Dentist Network - Members Only Web Site For Dentists
Webdental - Resources
Web Resources for Dentists - Index
WIC Select - Health & Medicine - Indexes & Resources
World Dental - Resources

Study Clubs  
Alabama Implant Study Group
Solstice Research Group - International Dental Study Club
Holistic Dentistry    
Holistic Dental Association
Choosing a Holitstic Dentist - From The Be Well Guide to Whole Living

Sports Dentistry
Sports Dentistry On Line - Information Pertaining To Oral/Facial Injury Treatment

Implant Information  
Bio-Lok International Inc. - Manufacturer of the "Micro-Lok Implant System"
Centre D'Implantologie De L'est Du Quebed - Implantology Center (In French)
Dental Implant Home Page - Information
Dental Implant Home Page - Explanation & Treatment Options
Friatec AG Medical Technology Division - Dental Implantology Information
Implant Dentistry Information Service - Implant Information & Resources
Implantology And Dental Surgery
Implantological Web Site - Holland
Inlay Double Arch For Implant On Dental Arch In Toothless Cases
LifeNet - Non-profit Allograft Tissue Bank
Osteofix Ltd - Research, Manufacturing And Selling Of Dental Implants
Pre-Dental Implant CT Scanning - Information
Steri-Oss - Dental Implant Company
The World Center For Dental Implantology - Resources

Information For Non-Dental People
Dentistry Bites - Facts On Dental Treatment For Consumers
Dental Cyberweb - Information for Non-Dental People and Dental Professionals
Dentistry in the Digital City - General Non-dentist Information
The Dental Consumer Advisor - Information For The Dental Consumer
Dental Research    
Bad Breath Research - Mel Rosenberg, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dental Microwear Web Site - The Study Of Microscopic Use-Wear On Teeth
Inspektor - Dental Research
Minnesota Dental Research Center - Biomaterials & Biomechanics
University of Michigan School of Dentistry - Office of Research

Dental Helpline - Cambridge, UK
Dental Hotline 900 Number with Recorded Information

Pet Care    
A Horse Dentist Based in Cumbria - Cumbria, UK
National Pet Dental Health Month
Veterinary Dentistry - Home Care & Special Techniques
World Wide Equine, Inc. - Equine Dentistry - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Dental Sealants And The Prevention of Tooth Decay
Sealants - An Article
Sealants 2000 - A Preventive Oral Health Program

Orthodontic Information
Dr. Chung's Orthodontic Study Forum
Excellence In Orthodontics - Information
G&H Wire Company - Resource for Orthodontic Needs
M's MouthWear - Information For Braces Wearers And Braces Lovers
ORMCO.COM- Orthodontic Information - Resources
Orthodontic Home Page
The Orthodontic Home Page - Information in Italian
Smiles Across America - Orthodontic Treatment Information

Endodontic Information 
Excellence In Endodontics - Endodontic Tutorial
Endodontics 101 Automated Endodontics - Resources & Information

Flouride Information
Fluoride Issues
The Story of Fluoridation - Oral Health Care - from the NIDCR
Water Fluoridation - Oral Health Care - from the CDC
Fluoridation: A 50-Year Old Blunder - A Review of the Fluoridation Issue

Oral Surgery Information
CyberMedical - Oral Surgery Information

TMJ Information 
Dental TMD - Temporo Mandibular Disorder Information
Dr. Edward Reiman's Chairside Consult On TMJ Disorder
TMJ Lecture
TMJ & Facial Pain Center - Information
TMJ Orthopedics OnLine - TMJ Splint Tutorial

General Information  
Angebote des Internet fuer Mediziner und Zahnmediziner - Dental Related Information in German
Anesthesia and Sedation in the Dental Office - NIH Consensus Development Conference
Ask Your Dentist To Fill You In On Sterilization
Bristol University - Biomedical Image Archive
British Columbia Occupational Outlooks - Dental Hygienists & Assistants
CDC - Recommended Infection-Control Practices for Dentistry
CDRNet - Information For The Chicago Metropolitan Online Community
CEDROS Network - Project of the WHO Oral Health Collaborating Center in Brazil
Dental Applications - Request for Review / Comments
Dental For The Chemically Sensitive / Environmentally Ill - Listings Of Information
Dental Icon - Information
Dental Information Home Page - Information on Dental Topics
DENTAL Online - Dental Information - Dentist Refferal & Information
Dentists for the World - Volunteer Organization Treating 3rd World People
Dentistry Net - Italy
Dentistry On-Line - International Forum for Dentistry
DoctorAds - Practices For Sale
Free Directory Listing On The Internet For Dentists
FontisLog - In French
Forensic Odontology In The United Kingdom - Resources
Howard Elson - The Doctor Of Laughter And Song!
General Dentistry - General Dentistry Information
GLADD - Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists
Healthtouch® Online - Dental Information
International Dental Connections - Resource for Dentists in British Columbia, Ca
International Health Care Foundation - Information For Lay People On The Latest Implications Of Relevant (Dental) Research
International Center For Nutritional Research, Inc. - Homeopathic Applications in Dentistry
Internet Classifieds On Media Xpress - Employment Ads
Ode to Rotting Teeth
ORQUEST - Telematic System For Oral Health Quality Enhancement
Photostimulable Phosphor Dental Radiography - Discussion Paper
Sante Bucco Dentaire - Dental Information In French
SANTEL - Starting Points for Health Care Professionals
Spark Dentist Search Service
Spellex Development - Dental Add-On Spelling Dictionary
Tandheelkundige WEB (en gohpher) Sites - Listing found in the Netherlands
Teaching with Independent Learning Technologies - University of Glasgow Project (CAL)
Traveling Dentist - Care For The Mentally Retarded
The Toothbrush Page

US Armed Forces 
59th MDW Dental Directorate Homepage - Lackland AFB, Tx
Air Force Dental Service
Air Force Dental Investigation Service - Evaluations Of Dental Equipment
Army Dental Corps
Army Dental Research Detachment
National Naval Dental Center
Navy Dental Corps
Navy Dental Corps
Naval Dental Research Institute - Bethesda Detachment
Governmental Sites    
Office of Oral Health - Arizona Department of Health Services
CDC's Oral Health Program
CDC Oral Health Page
Hill House Association - Social Service Agency In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Indian Health Service
OSHA Web, OSHA Gopher Menu
Texas Department Of Health - Dental Programs
US Patent Classification,       Toothbrush,       PTO Manual of Classification
US Small Business Administration - Dental Services Profile
World Health Organization Collaborating Centre

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