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Dental Seminars and Continuing Education Courses

Great Seminars Upcoming

Dr David Hornbrook

Hornbrook Group

San Diego, Ca - Sheraton

Featured Speaker: Dr. Bill Blatchford - Blatchford Solutions  -  Dr. Blatchford along with clinical educator Dr. Bob Lowe will be teaching you how to grow quality patients and be profitable in any economy.

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CE credits are an ongoing process and necessary to grow your dental knowledge.  We will feature and provide updates to featured courses and dental seminars covering a wide variety of topics.  Clinical education and marketing courses will be available.  You could have all the clinical skills in the world, but without patients its hard earned knowledge and experience that is being wasted. One of the top cosmetic dentistry related seminars is the annual scientific session that is put on by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Don't miss the "Total Veneer Experience"  A two day extravaganza being held at the Wynn Las Vegas on January 2008.  Learn how to break into the porcelain veneer arena, you must be able to master certain fundamentals such as:

- The clinical aspect (prepping, temps, cementation)
- Managing your staff (getting everyone on the same page)
- Internal marketing (how to turn the inside of your office into a cosmetic experience)
- External marketing (how to promote your practice through many different forms of media and specifically new media (internet dental marketing)
- Learn how to conduct a cosmetic consultation
- How to get patients to pay up front
- The cosmetic dental lab, how to select a cosmetic lab.

At the Total Veneer Experience you will learn how to grow your practice with veneers and learn techniques and approaches that will deliver a consistent flow of cosmetic patients.  you'll learn from a dentist that grew his practice in an ordinary town, in the worst economy in the nation and in an ordinary office.  Check back regulary for more details about this exciting dental continuing education event at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.

Total Veneer Experience Seminar

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