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Welcome the online dental books, magazine, audio and video library.  We will be including a number of educational resources online to locate and buy very informative media and training tools relating to dentistry.  You will be able to find clinical education materials, marketing and advertising CD’s and DVD’s as well as online journals and dental blogs to help further your dental education.

New Dental Book Releases

Have you written or published a new dental book that you would like to promote.  Contact to find out how to advertise your new book to dentists nationwide. 

This Month’s Featured Book

  “Playing Your “A” Game”  - Author  Dr. Bill Blatchford,
This is a very informative book compiled of real stories from successful dentists across the country that are working less and becoming more profitable.  You learn about

• the successes and pitfalls of starting a practice. 
• how to hire and retain great staff. 
• how to brand yourself
• develop internal and external marketing plans that attract the cosmetic patient
• plus much more. 

This is a must read for anyone striving to achieve a better lifestyle and improve the profitability in the practice.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016