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Welcome to Dental Related Internet Resources.  Your source for up to date dental information.  We feature a wide variety of resources to assist both consumers and dental professionals. Content includes: new dental product releases for consumers and dentists.  Articles about new dental procedures covering a wide variety of areas within dentistry.

Our dental directory is being updated daily with new and relative information.  We are vigorously working on improving the dental related content on this website to provide clear and concise information to the dental world.  We provide a connection between dentists of many areas of expertise to patients seeking their special dental services.

The dental professional side is a resource that will allow dental suppliers to reach potential customers and even connect students interested in pursuing dentistry as a career to dental schools across the nation and abroad. 

This month we will be focusing our attention on cosmetic dentistry procedures and specifically porcelain veneers.  There has been extensive media attention to this esthetic option and we want to provide you with impartial information and education about veneers and smile design. 

Veneers are definitely an investment in yourself and not in the same price range as your run of the mill dental cleaning.  The costs for a full smile makeover, top and bottom veneers, can run into the 10's of thousands of dollars.  The good news is dental financing can be made available on approved credit. Dental insurance does not typically cover want based dentistry "cosmetic related cases"  so dental financing is a viable option.  For more info about dental financing 

If you are in the mode of finding a dentist we are growing our list of dentists searchable by state and city.  These dentists are more oriented towards appearance improving dentistry.  They still provide general dentistry services but emphasize cosmetic dental treatment such as porcelain veneers, in office teeth whitening, use our site to find a dentist online search for a dentist by state

Monday, May 30, 2016